Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Vessel for Marine Reach

 Why A New Ship?

I have ask that question myself hundreds of times. The cost of purchasing one, the maintenance, the crewing, the fueling, the organisation, why a new ship?

If we only look to what it would take to purchase and operate a ship then one will never enter such an endeavour. A hole in your pocket as many Yatch owners would comment. I good friend of mine once said that you need to be partially crazy to do it.

But the alternative to the negatives is outweighed by the positives. The people, the help, the joy it brings, the changed lives, the health, the hope, why not a ship?

I guess the question has been answered a long long time ago when I first started serving with the ship ministry and I have not looked back, I can only look forward, still counting the cost but I know that it is what we are to do. Why a New answer... Why not!

Jesse Misa
Marine Reach New Zealand


  1. Absolutely. there is no better way to bring a clean, fully stocked medical suite to the remote communities of the pacific ocean. finding a suitable vessel is the hard part.

  2. In only hope I can be a part of it again one day. God Bless you Capt. and all who sail with you!

  3. I'm excited to see this come to fruition.